Create value from your supply chain data

Tomorrows leaders in supply chain, procurement, marketing and sustainability functions need to be equipped with the skills to drive effective data strategies fit for the digital transformation age.

Digital Supply Chain Workshop

Data is top of the agenda for many supply chain professionals. The first step is understanding how to harness the value from your data assets. 

Mastering supply chain data management and analytics, alongside new emerging technologies is essential in maintaining a competitive advantage and driving profitable & responsible growth. 

By completing this one day workshop you will:
  • Understand the principles of managing data as an asset 
  • Determine your current data management performance gap
  • Manage your supply chain data from a risk perspective 
  • Utilise supply chain data to create innovation opportunities and market advantage 
  • Understand how to link your data directly to commercial growth
  • Learn how to collaborate between supply chain and marketing functions to create more value

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