Supply Chain Risk Management

Effective Risk Management enables you to perform well in an environment of uncertainty and helps you prioritise and target hotspot areas, and build sustainable business performance.

Tailored Risk Approach

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks pose increasing challenges to organisations, as they may disrupt security of supply or quality, lead to reputational implications or to fluctuations in cost forecasts. These include modern slavery risks, environmental malpractices or poor working and labour conditions in the hidden pockets of your supply chain. 

We can help you tailor your risk assessment approach to your organisation rather than relying on off-the-shelf risk ratings; and support you in end-to-end strategic solutions to build further supplier capacity and measure the impact of your intervention.

Hidden pockets

Since the Modern Slavery Act came into effect in the UK, many organisations have released their position on tackling human rights challenges in the supply chain. However, only a handful have demonstrated clear leadership and a change in engaging the supply chain beyond compliance or the issue of a Code of Conduct to suppliers without any particular commitment towards building capacity.  

Companies must ensure that they are not only focusing on key suppliers of goods, but consider “hidden pockets of their supply chain” beyond tier-1.  

We can help you understand your non-financial risks in your multi-tier supply chain, bring visibility and transparency, as well as help create mitigation plans to address these risks. Contact us to find out more.