Assurance of Product Claims

Consumers want credible, robust and verified information about the products they choose. Telling the right story of your product and increasing transparency into they way products are made and sourced will give you the edge over your competitors.

Tell your story

Millennials and a growing proportion of consumers not only want, but expect true transparency from the brands they interact with and are willing to pay a premium for such products. They expect companies to be more transparent, stand for more than the bottom line, and address environmental and socioeconomic issues in the community. So how can you make this information available at their fingerprints and create your product’s story which makes it stand out?  
We combine our deep industry expertise, physical independent audits and verification services with digital solutions (such as blockchain, IoT, data curation and artificial intelligence) to help customers build trust of their products, improve their performance and increase efficiency. There’s significant value in collecting origin and quality-focused data on its own, but analyzing, applying and verifying that information adds further value.
Tailor YOUR product story: accrue benefits for your brand by making this information widely available to trade partners and create an interactive connection to end users via QR code accessible on smart phones centered around products and their usage. Implement sustainability at the reach of consumers and give credit to all contributors in the creation of your products - be a pioneer of trustworthy facts and transparency! Ultimately charge a premium for your product backed by this layer of fact-based sustainable, social and/or ethical transparency approach, which is immutably stored on the blockchain and thereby build lasting reputational and competitive advantage.